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 Mark Hall
Kyrgios engages in a quirky discussion with a fan on Twitter  
Nick was part of a strange episode on the social media. VIDEO
He probably jumped at the bate/dig because the truth hurts.

As I have now secured my tickets for Wimbledon, I truly hope he is out and on his way home before my day out at the tournament. He needs to learn manners and do more for the sport rather than think the sport and fans of tennis owe ...
 Mark Hall
Zverev dismisses Kyrgios in straight sets  
Sascha beats Nick 6-4 6-4. VIDEO
I am so happy to see the back of Kyrgios in this tournament. For me he does nothing for the sport and did not look like he was interested in this match. Claiming back pain after the defeat is just looking for excuses.

Would I pay hard earned money to see Kyrgios ? NEVER in a million year ...
 Mark Hall
Thanasi and Fernando have a heated discussion in Miami. VIDEO
Where was the point penalty for Kokkinakis for his foul language ? I`m sure if you put the stopwatch on Kokkinakis he is exceeding the 25 second rule.

If is was Kokkinakis`s father disturbing the match why was he not ordered to leave the stands ? Umpires need to cut this sort of behaviour ...
 Mark Hall
Zverev, Kyrgios, and Chung the future of tennis. BECKER  
Boris has identified the top #nextgen players
You forgot Shapovalov !!

Kyrgios may be talented but is the worst thing to happen to tennis. A hothead who needs to be brought in line with the rules or thrown out for good.
 Mark Hall
TOO TRASHY TO BE REAL. The Next Gen event had an awful start  
Something weird and extremely wrong happened in Milan. VIDEO
Well where will the ATP go next if this is a new low for them.
 Mark Hall
INCREDIBLE. WTA Boss fights against Roland Garros for Sharapova’s wildcard  
Simon issues an aggressive statement against the Roland Garros
Thank goodness the French have stood up for what is right. Maria is a cheat and must earn her way back into the top ranks if at all.

If this is too much for her the sport will not stop without her.

The reduction of the ban was WRONG !

The LTA should learn from the French ...



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