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Playing  : Less than 3 times per week
Style  : I can mix it
Hands  : Right  
Preferences  : Single, Double, Mixed Double,
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 Alex Boyden
Nadal threatens umpire for applying time violation rule  
Rafa lost his cool during his match against Roberto Bautista Agut. VIDEO
Rafa deserved it, and more !

He should look at himself and compare with others. Why can`t he keep it in 20 secs like most of the players. Be a TRUE professional.
 Mark Hall
Why I want FAST4 on the main tour. KYRGIOS  
Nick would be happy to see the new format on the main tour.
Would prefer a Fast6 format. No-Ad, No-let on serve, AND 20s serve clock.
CAN’T BELIEVE IT. Nishikori wins point after dropping racket  
Kei wins an incredible point during his first match at the Olympics in Rio. VIDEO
I understand that if the racket (or even your dampener) does not fall into the opponent`s court, it`s NOT a hindrance and the point should continue.
Zverev at career high, approaching the top20  
Sasha is now ranked world no.25, and going for more.
Exciting player to watch...
Big serve, big forehand, going for his shots too, even on his backhand.
GOOD IDEA. Federer asks for tie-break at 12-all in 5th  
Roger shares his thoughts on how to avoid freakish marathons during slams
Sorry, I think tie breaker at 6-all is most appropriate.
Long matches only benefit the fitter player and encourage conservative playing; I prefer seeing players attempt to be aggressive or creative to win.
Becker attacks Murray over doping allegations  
Boris is not pleased with some comments from the Scot
Murray is hinting at someone, and my guess its Nadal.
Nadal bullied umpire for time violations  
Rafa lost his cool against Carlos Bernardes. Video
I hope to see more time violations calls from the other umpires too, especially on Nadal.
Australian Open helps preserve Nadal  
The Director of the slam admits they are doing their schedules in order to protect Rafa.
It is 100% wrong.
You can make changes to a schedule because of external factors, like bad weather or lack of visibility, but to accomodate a particular player, its downright unfair to the rest. Honestly, I would think John Isner deserved this "change in schedule" during his 70-68 5th set win in ...
Serena, Sharapova not much involved in IPTL  
The world no.1 and no.2 will play just a couple of “mini-sets”
I bought the cheapest ticket because I just want to watch RF & Nole playing `live`, and I guessed they will be playing `exhibition`-level tennis.

Now they won`t even turn up ?
What are the new IPTL rules?  
The International Premier Tennis League is about to start and it will bring lots of innovations
No-ad system: Good - opportunity for the receiver to challenge the weaker side of server

Shot-clock: Nadal is not playing so its no problem

Time-out: what can a player do in 60 seconds ? Twitter updates ?

Power point: looks like a computer gaming idea, and this is not a co ...
Djokovic: Roger was perfect  
Nole pays his tribute to Roger, Becker follows
Roger served very well to win Shanghai.
Can he similarly do so in the other finals ?
Doubt it.
Federer attacks Nadal once again on time violation  
Roger says that players need to stick to the rule also in order to lose viewers
RF is not being Mr Nice Guy in this Wimbledon no more!

First the `hint` of a "more-vulnerable" Nadal in early rounds, now a repeated reminder to relook at time violations, supposedly at Nadal.

For the record, I am on his side.

Just could not understand how he gets away f ...
Wimbledon preview: Super draw for Federer. Is he the favorite?  
Federer and Nadal are meant to play in the semis, but Rafa had a horrible draw. Djokovic also unlucky.
Don`t think he can make it to the SFs !
Gulbis wants to be coached by Sharapova or Ivanovic!  
Ernests had his own ideas after seeing that Murray will be coached by a female
I wanted to be coached by Maria too - like her aggressive style of play.
Federer: I can win Wimbledon!  
Roger is very optimistic about his chances at The Championship
Hope he can make it beyond the SFs. I am dreaming ?
Federer attacks Nadal over time violations  
Roger says it is unfair Rafa has a preferential treatment over time violation.
Federer is right!

If Nadal plays on a social level like me (us ?), I would think 90% of us would not enjoy, nor want, to play against,or with him.

But I guess its different on the ATP - afterall its for the professionals.
Federer: I can win the Australian Open  
Roger thinks he has a shot at the first slam.
He can`t win it, unless Nadal & Djoker & Murray are injured ... and its only 50% chance he may, because there is Del Potro.

He is still optimistic because that`s his job. He is still making money from his endorsements, so you would not anything negative to jeopardize that.
The ATP rules against time violation and service let  
The ATP governing body will be more serious on time violation enforcement and they will experiment something interesting on service let
Think Nadal will win less trophies once its implemented.



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