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Federer triumphs in Wimbledon to be back to world no.1 - Youtube Highlights
Federer triumphs in Wimbledon to be back to world no.1 - Youtube Highlights
08-Jul-12 Robert 

Incredible feast for the Swiss Maestro that defeats Murray 4-6 7-5 6-3 6-4 in of of the most anticipated matches in tennis history.


Roger has already made history and he is now becoming a legend.

The Swiss Maestro pulled out another incredible performance to win his 7th title in Wimbledon and become world no.1 once again. The remarkable stuff is that Roger achieved it in his 30s and when 2 super players are in their prime (Djokovic and Nadal).


It was probably one of the most anticipated and intense final in Wimbledon history with so much at stake for both players. Murray had the huge burden to be the first British to win a major isince Fred Perry in 1936. The ocasion was huge since the opportunity was coming in London. On top of it, quit incredibly,  Andy has never won a major and he was defeated in the 3 finals he played in straight sets. Roger... well he had the chances to break another couple of records...winning another WImbledon and become world no.1.

First Set - Roger's chocking 

The match was close, damn close. Both players were completely taken by a huge tension. Federer had a particularly lousy start. Actually he was stuck not trying anything, just rallying against a super nervous Murray. Roger's service was not biting at all and he was not even trying his famous forehands inside-out. The outcome was a early break at the very first break from Murray that took an early 2-0 lead. Then Roger broke back to lead 3-2. But it wasn't a nice tennis. It was incredible how stiff was Roger, almost paralysed by the fear. Eventually Andy won the first set 6-4. Actually the decisive point came when Roger was serving 4-4. The Swiss did a miserably drop shot volley that gave the opportunity to Andy to blast at him Lendl's style (at the body legal... but we do not like much people shooting at the body if there are so many other opportunities). Roger managed not to get killed... ehm caught by the ball, but it looked a bit upset to lose the service game (Lendl had a telling grin on his face...)

Second Set - A Picasso's volley from the Maestro 7-5

The second set was even worse for Federer. The Swiss was struggling almost at every service game with Murray diplaying much more confidence in his service games. There was a clear sense that Roger was doomed also if the set would have ended at the tiebreak. Then something incredible happened. Roger was still hugely struggling when 6-5 and Murray was easily leading his service game 30-0. Then for whatever reason Roger found himself winning 3 points to have an unexpected set point. Federer played that point like a real Maestro ending it with a drop shot volley that more than a volley it looked like a Picasso. The Maestro was back.

Third Set - The match became a indoor  best of three 6-3 

The third set was too good for Roger. The match was 1 set each (and nobody really understood why) and Roger was back in full throttle finally finding his confidence and his tennis. God blessed Roger for the second time when the score was 1-1 40-0 for Roger and the rain came. The match was suspended. The organisation was reluctant to deploy the 80Million Pound roof in order not to give an advantage to Federer. Then the question came out: "Why on earth they did spend 80M pound on a roof if they do not use it?". Finally they deployed the roof. The match was suddenly an indoor best of three. You have to understand Murray... playing indoor on grass against the Swiss Maestro is... well...not nice to say the least. In fact, Roger started to play a sublime explosive and super aggressive tennis that allowed him to win the set 6-3. The service, the inside out, the volley, the backhand ... everything was back in style.

Fourth Set - The Triumph 6-4

Roger was on the roll and Andy was starting to lose composure screamining and beating himself. The decisive break came in the six game (that lasted 10 deuces) that gave to Roger a 4-2 lead (Roger got it with an incredible backhand as per the video). Then the Maestro went to serve when leading 5-4 to get 2 match points (40-15). His face wasn't ... that good.... actually he had the same expression he had when he wasted 2 match points in last year's semifinal with Nole at the US Open. Roger squandered the first match point to nervously go and serve for the second. Andy missed a forehand to give to the Maestro his 7th Wimbledon title.



From Roger "I played my best tennis in the last two matches... I've missed playing the final. Feels good to have this trophy in my hands after three years, it feels like it never left my hands. He'll at least win one Grand Slam," Federer said. "This is what I hope for Andy."

"When the roof closed, he played unbelievable tennis," Murray said. 

Wimbledon   Federer   Murray  
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What a match! Roger did fully deserve his win. The greatest of all time!
 Reply 09-Jul-2012
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